06 Nov

When QuickBooks users try to open their company file, the software suddenly comes up with a message saying ‘error code 6000’ due to which they are unable to open the company file. Usually, this error is followed by 2 to 3 digits and a message indicating that you are unable to work on this data file.

In order to fix this error, QuickBooks Helpline UK provided a few simple steps which are described below. Follow these guidelines properly.

  • First of all, you have to rename network drive file and transaction log file which are known as configured files that allow this accounting software to access company file in a multi-user mode. If these files are found damaged then you might face this error code. So rename these extension files to fix the problem. Renaming extension will not cause any data loss.
  • Then you can try to open the sample file. This is used to test the software from inside. If the file doesn’t open then it can also be the reason behind the issue. So you have to fix this by either by repairing it or reinstalling it.
  • Now try to make a folder on your main desktop and then copy your file from the default location and paste it under this newly created folder and then try to open it from the software.
  • Check whether the multi-user hosting is turned on or not. If not then turn it on.
  • Now try to restore the automatic data recovery files to see whether it opens or not.
  • Also the check the folder where the company files are saved has been given any additional permission. If yes then contact the support centre.

You need to follow the above steps properly to get rid of this error. In case, if you come across any problem while following the above steps then give a quick call on our QuickBooks Customer Support Number UK 44-2080-890422 and get the issue resolved instantly.

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