24 Sep

QuickBooks has an on growing popularity day by day and holds strong ground in the competitive market. It has a large user base throughout the world. It all was made possible only because of the prolific quality of their products and also the features imbibed in them, for any software cannot satisfy a customer with outdated technology.  It not only had facilitated fully grown organizations but proves to be a boon for the small businesses as well. It has made accounting easier and efficient in every aspect. If you have a growing business and want it to turn in something big then, it is mandatory for you to have it. The features imbibed in it are much more practical than the method of doing accounting manually, which was used back in time. Now, if you are using it already and a customer has made an over payment, you might feel confused on how to return it back and record as well. Read the process below for the solution.

  • Firstly, open the receive payments window by clicking on the receive payment icon from the home page
  • Now from Receive from  an option, you need to choose a valid option
  • Automatically, the customer balance window will appear on screen
  • Now fill the Amount field
  • Under the ‘where does this payment go’ tag, check mark the option displayed; to get the total amount
  • Here select the option of ‘Refund the amount to the customer’, and later click on Save and Now.
  • After the appearance of Issue a refund window, you need to click on Check  in the drop-down list which is under the option named Issue this refund via
  • Now put a check on To be printed box and then Ok.

If you find any difficulty in the above process, kindly contact QuickBooks Support Number +44-2080-890422 for a more understandable process and get answers to all your queries.

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