20 Oct

In case you are to diagnose if you sent the particular invoice to the specific customer, stop worrying about the memory. The criteria you used depends upon the need for viewing the history for solo invoices or you are looking to go if you emailed more than one invoices.

Sending the Single File

  1. Hit on the accounting software of QuickBooks and choose the customer and job section.
  2. Go for choosing the client for whom you desire to hunt the invoice and launch it.
  3. Walk through the path of history from the tab and hunt for the date of sending.
  4. In the end, choose if the emails are listed in the box.
  5. Choose the section of files and hit over sending the forms in case you didn’t see any visibility of date or time.

Sending Multiple Files

  1. Go to the menu of editing and follow it up with preferences. Travel to my preference and snap for sending forms.
  2. Choose to analyze which type of method you might be using in email using section.
  3. Visit the preference of your companies and insert the email id into the field of BCC. A copy of the files would be sent to you. Have a look over them.
  4. Place a tick mark over the folder of sent in case you used Web emailing as a copy of invoices where your email should be sent.

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